My Predictions For The World Cup 2014

Readers might recall that i predicted correctly the last winner of Euro 2012 and the last World Cup in 2010. While everyone likes Brazil, it will be very hard for them. The home ground advantage may actually be too much self induced pressure not to lose. Once behind, it will be quite devastating for a team like Brazil as the weight of the nation may be too hard to bear, a one goal down scenario may actually be a lot worse to the Brazilians. If you look at the tables below, if all goes accordingly, Brazil will be facing the Dutch, and if that does not trips them up, next will be probably Uruguay (big dark horse)/Colombia, next it will be Germany before they make the final. So, you can see there could be pitfalls for Brazil, whereas countries like Holland and Germany while good, they are not favoured to win the Cup, hence less pressure.

I like the Dutch from the top half, as they will have less pressure and the in team squabbles are a lot less this time around. The Dutch team has been self imploding for the last few major tournaments, but this team is less combustive. The one secret weapon why I think the Dutch will perform better this World Cup is that their biggest fear (that Belgium may outperform them or worse, win the Cup). Belgium is to the Dutch what Liverpool is to Man United (if we don't win, please don't let it be that guy). More on Belgium later.

 Looking at this table's bottom half, Belgium is going to be a very strong contender. They have sufficient brilliant players that are not the main focus of the media or superstar status, yet they have the numbers to make for a very decent team. This is the strongest team Belgium has fielded for the longest time. Argentina is getting too cocky. I favour Belgium toppling them.

Hence my predictions in the semis will be Dutch/Germany vs Belgium/Spain, I know thats almost inconceivable that I consider none of the South American teams will make the semis in a World Cup that is played in South America.

Following through my prediction, I wish for a Holland vs Belgium final. ... and for Holland to finally win.


ronnie said…
The Germans rule Europe.

The Germans will always be in the last 4 of any World Cup. Even if they field 11 of the most incompetent players.
Giovanna Lee said…
if would want you to choose 8 teams to be qualified in round 16, which team would you choose?
Giovanna Lee said…
If would want you to choose 8 teams to be qualified in round 16, which 8 would you choose?
Giovanna Lee said…
If would want you to choose 8 teams to be qualified in round 16, which 8 teams would u choose?
Big Sea said…
La Liga went all the way to the last match. 3 spanish club in the semi final of Champions League. Physically Spain will have a big disadvantage.

I do not favor the Dutch either. This is probably the weakest Dutch since 1994. I would not be surprised if Chile qualify instead of Holland from the Group.

Brazil should reach semi, together with Germany and Belgium.

Keep an eye on Colombia. They have a great coach.

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