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Amid the tension surrounding the elections and the uncertain market conditions owing because of that, let's look at something else to take our minds to something different. For the last 3 months or so, there have not been any worthy English films to talk about, probably because the Oscar race is over and other blockbusters are awaiting the summer release. However, I have found 3 magnificent Canto/Mando films, highly entertaining to boot. Must watch.

The first is the sleeper hit from China, Lost In Thailand. Its a kind of Planes, Trains and Automobiles (Steve Martin, John Candy) meet The Hangover. It was so successful, it has grossed more than US$200m in China alone. It has also caused the number of Chinese tourists to Thailand to jump manifold. It tells of two executives from a venture capital firm seeking the signature of their boss who has gone for a sabbatical at one of the monastery in Thailand for a critical deal. Its very funny in any language.

Lost in Thailand film poster

The Cold War, brilliant in the same style as Infernal Affairs, only this time the crooks have abducted a police patrol van with the 5 police officers inside and ransoming the entire police force. Although Aaron Kwok looks a bit too young to be cast as a very very senior police officer, it was a mild thing. The story line is captivating but its the personalities in the police force that takes center stage. As the top officer is overseas, the next 2 most senior fought for the right to oversee the "rescue/ransom" - Tony Leung Kar Fai was brilliant, trying to gain control of the operations as his son is one of the 5 kidnapped officers. While Aaron is not really a detective but rose from the ranks of administration and strategy. You feel for all the main characters. Gripping stuff.


The final one has to be the bravest comedy produced from HK. Its called Vulgaria, and the entire movie is filled with profanities in Cantonese, but very funnily done. Top notch actors delivering the crudest lines with a hard to believe story line, but somehow it all works. The profanities are not deliberate because in reality its how normal HK people speak. There are too many laugh out loud scenes, most are too crude to describe here. Must be conversant in Cantonese to watch this one.


bruno said…
I think that tomorrow we will watch the S&P made all time highs first.A very strong probability,but a very strong follow through?Maybe,but I doubt so.
bruno said…
Just when I was getting bought into the Big Ben mentality of never fighting the feds,getting bombarded and convinced by the experts on business channels that Tuesday is the day for the S&P to just cruised to new all time highs,I decided to take my dog for a walk.

Coming back after half an hour's long walk with a clearer mindset that being a sceptic of the Bernaike doctrine,to be a convert at this latest stage of the tiring bullmarket is the fastest way to the poorhouse.

So instead of covering my shorts at almost breakeven,I decided to dug in and stick to my original plans.

On Monday the S&P came to a hairline of a whisker of the magical figure of 1565,only to finally closed down ten points.Yerterday it again took back what it gave up on Monday.And I was bought and really convinced that today,Wednesday is the day.

This morning the dow was down a hundred points,to be down only fourty points now.Will today be the day of reckoning for the S&P.My two cents worth.Its either by close today or never for the next five to ten years.

bruno said…
Sooner said then done.The S&P has finally took out the all time highs.Now we have to eat humble pie.

Now that the monkey has been taken off our backs,we just have to sit tight and wait for the correction that will never come.

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