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Going Holistic, Organic and Vegan ......

p/s  Guys, we know we all watch Nigellea Lawson cook on TV, but why the food sound so sexy and R rated when she describes her ingredients and when she eats??!!

Attitude - The Critical Factor In Being A Success

I was surfing the net and came across this exceptional episode of 60 Minutes where they spoke to people, well kids really, whose family had lost their homes to foreclosure, and unemployment benefits ran out, losing almost everything they have, ... and having to live in a truck or a car because many of the shelters are already full.

You do not need a subprime crisis to find homeless people, people whose livelihood had been so broken up by things that happen around them. If you had not tasted hardships, you may not truly appreciate the things and people you have around you.

What is most wonderful is the attitude shown by the two kids being interviewed. Brings tears to your eyes to know some had to suffer so young. However, it is exactly that kind of attitude that I am sure will bring them success - monetary, relationships and career - in the near future. If you have kids, do your kids have that kind of attitude? Or like some, they just shrivel up into a cocoon, and blame everything around…

You Will Never Walk Alone

Our hero has a voice and she is doing it for our future. Have you registered to vote? That's the least you can do for yourself and your loved ones.

Annie Ooi Siew Lan and Rosni Malan have pleaded with the king not to dissolve Parliament until electoral reforms have taken place. Rosni’s husband, Baharuddin Ahmad, died from heart complications during the rally. Ooi, nicknamed “Aunty Bersih” was seen being sprayed with chemical-laced water cannons and tear gas during the rally. They are asking the king, Tuanku Mizan Zainal Abidin, to use his discretion to not consent to Parliament’s dissolution anytime soon. Speaking on their behalf, their lawyer M Visvanathan said: “What we’re trying to achieve is to put enough pressure on the powers-that-be, especially the Yang Dipertuan-Agong, to invoke his discretion. He does have the discretion, it should be exercised in this case.” “It is not a demand…(We ask) that the Agong use his discretion not to dissolve Parliament.”…

2 Cellos

Bought tickets to Elton John late as I had already seen him twice but that was some 15-20 years ago. As the date drew closer, I saw his photo performing in Singapore and naturally he has aged, and I said to myself, "do you think you will catch him live again over the next 10 years ... how old would he be then?"

For someone whose career spans over 30 years, the audience will be made up of different groupings. There are those who loved him from day one and would appreciate his Madman Across The Water and Levon, or even Honky Cat. Then there are those who got in in the 80s with his Sacrifice, and then the last ten years or so with the Lion King. Hence there will be gaps in appreciation in his concert.

Still, he gave an earnest performance and you cannot begrudge his brilliance as a songwriter with everlasting tunes such as Your Song, Rocket Man, Sorry Seems To Be The Hardest Word, Daniel, Candle In The Wind, Goodbye Yellow Brick Road, Crocodile Rock, Saturday Night's All Righ…

Liquidity Creeping Into The Markets

One sure fire way to anticipate a bull run is access to liquidity. I have been hearing this more than a couple of times over the past two weeks, bankers are flying in from Singapore and HK to offer decent loans to listed corporations at highly undemanding rates.

The last 6-7 years saw much of the liquidity in Asia gravitating towards supporting property loans. Hence equity markets did not get much of a boost from the excess liquidity in the system. There has been a dramatic shift in property outlook in HK, Singapore and Malaysia. Most have gone neutral or hold from buys. What that means is that banks are too flushed with liquidity and have to keep them working.

Local banks are doing the same but apparently the foreign banks are a bit more aggressive. Ringgit loans of RM50m to RM300m can be had at 2% or 3% below BLR. The juiciest one is USD loans can be had at just 0.1%. Many of the top tier companies do not really need the funds, so the bankers are going second tier and soon I think not…

An Acoustic Evening With Richard Marx

Richard Marx is coming to town to serenade you and I at Arena of Stars, Genting Highlands this 11 December 2011!
“An Acoustic Evening with Richard Marx – World Tour 2011”will be Richard Marx’s only concert in Malaysia in more than 10 years!
Hurry! Don’t miss the chance to enjoy a romantic evening with your loved one, listening to everlasting ballads such as “Right Here Waiting”,“Now & Forever”, “Endless Summer Nights”, “Hazard” and many more.
Interested? Then contact the representatives below to book your tickets NOW!
June Fong 03-5623 8941 or or
Shaun Chin 03-5623 8988 or or

Jess Lee Jia Wei's Album Finally Out

Jess Lee's album is finally out. Ar first there were gossips that the record company would be freezing her. But, OMG, the music video of her single was banned in Singapore and Malaysia, although you can still watch it at Red Box or Neway. Vierw it and you will know why, what a daring production, of course this is not Jess' idea I think, probably some smart marketing producer. If they ban you, it will go viral.
Or as some who has viewed it said: "This reminds me never to bang emo chicks".
Love the one word titles in English: "Suffering" and "Burn", well "Poll-Out" is also short enough. WTG girl!!!

We Should Be Watching China Instead Of E.U.

As mentioned before, China is a more important economic influence on Asia. It is safe to say that China is having some issues, some quite seemingly insurmountable. How to engineer a soft landing for the few pockets of overheated industries? That is the key. If cracks start appearing larger, it could overwhelm Asia. ... and Australia will be hit really really bad.

Pundits have heralded China's stimulus programs as an effective model for other countries to emulate.  However, the Chinese government has lit the fuse of its own implosion and many analysts have made the mistake of comparing Keynesian apples to bank lending oranges. As the flow of credit slows,  China will not only risk an economic collapse, but a political one as well. It seems a matter of when, not if.

Instead of China's government pumping printed or borrowed money into the economy, its stimulus funds have come from bank lending.  estimated that   2011 financing will hit 17.5 trillion-18 trillion yuan ($2.7 trillion-…

The Empire Strikes Back

Yea... finally can get my favourite coffee and macarons .... plus must eat at SERAI again, the food is very good, a bit Madam Kwan-but with a Malay bent, I love it.

Oh, for their reopening, ESG will give a RM10 ESG voucher for every RM50 spent at any ESG outlet!!! From 15th Nov till 18th Nov only!!!

Though I have not been paid by Empire Subang to write this, its easily my favourite shopping mall, small enough and fun enough ... and usually parking is not a problem UNLIKE at MidValley where the job is to look for somewhere to park illegally.

Anyway, made my way to town center today as I had a diabolical craving for my favourite chilli fish dish at Jalan Pudu. The place is manned by (or should I say womanned) two sisters, its right opposite Goggles Holdings building (not Google OK). I can eat one whole fish myself (meant for 2 or 3), its a river fish hence it has a mild muddy taste to it but the ginger, garlic and overdose of chilli makes it all worthwhile and highly addictive.

Look at the …

Taking The Euro Crisis In Perspective

It is daunting and mortifying trying to take into account whats happening in Greece, and then Italy... and I am sure Spain is next. Markets will be volatile in the coming weeks and months. The big TARP-like fund is critical to stabilising the region, so hearsay and rumours about some disagreements over it will always spook the markets.

However, we also should know that the EU have its backs to the wall. If they let Greece out of EU and the euro, that will trigger an avalanche because nobody will offer any haircuts anymore - lending rates will soar for troubled European nations and their sovereign bonds will plummet, forcing the troubled ones to get out as well ... the consequences are too dire to reverse everything.

The disagreements still have a long time to go to be ironed out as the fund would only come into effect mid-next year, so they have a lot of time to agree to disagree for sometime. Its just grandstanding, each side trying to get the "safest" deal for their governme…

Danny Chan Tribute Concert @ No Black Tie

Danny Chan Tribute Concert @ No Black Tie Date: 9 & 16 November 2011
Time: 9.30pm
Cover charge: RM40
Danny Chan tribute concert with singers Winnie Ho, Z Yan, Lydia Chew, Jeffrey Lim and Worm Lee.
All the singers are backed by Music Director Tay Cher Siang’s WVC Trio + 1, one of the most talented jazz trios in Malaysia. Come by for a night of nostalgia and fun as these singers take you through a musical journey of Danny Chan’s music. Bookings are a must, call after 5pm 03-21423737.

At The End Of A Rainbow

I finally got to watch Andy Lau's Days Of Tomorrow, a trifle over dramatic and some over acting, but the modern day flashback mode brings forth a wonderful movie. People living desperate lives by the choices they made at a critical juncture of their lives. Its why we care for those who would never cry for us, and why we cry for those who would not care for us, and yet ... we too do not care for those who cry for us - the sad realities of life, sometimes taking a lifetime of wasted anger to dissolve, ... taking a lifetime to cherish a fleeting memory. 

I have embedded the ending of the movie and the final minutes ending with a most wonderful song: At The End Of A Rainbow by Earl Grant. If you wish, you could search for the whole movie on You Tube. Its worthwhile.

And Now For Something Completely Different ...

I only like Andy Lau in movies. I am so thankful to be able to say I have never bought even one album of his. All his singing fans really are die-hard fans. Discovered this by accident, enjoy ... love the slang/intonation with certain Malay words, certainly did not study in Malaysia.

What If Greece Defaults

Naturally, Sarkozy must be incensed with Pappy deciding to call for a referendum on the Euro package. This is like you have a relative who is being hounded by loan sharks, so much so that all your other relatives got together and put up a decent package, with a 50% haircut on the debt that the loan sharks have agreed to .... and then to discover that the low life relative may not want the rescue package. Not that he.she has any alternative, I guess he/she does, in not paying at all.

Pappy surprised everyone by declaring the referendum but you cannot call a referendum on a fiscal matter. You may frame it like "Are you in favour of the Euro rescue package?". Pappy is on a double edge sword, barely able to maintain control, I guessed his thinking is the referendum might do one of two things. A YES, he will get control and political will to push through the reforms and possibly save his political career. A NO, he will be out anyway. However, if he goes ahead with the Euro plan wi…